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We Offer Grooming for Dogs and Cats! From a Nail Trim to a
Bath and Brush Out to a Full Haircut!
All Grooming Includes a Bath, Brush Out, Nails, Ears, and Anal Glands!

Grooming!There are some important questions you should ask a prospective groomer before committing your pet to the scissors:

dog boneWhat breeds of dogs have they personally owned?

dog boneDid the groomer go to school to learn dog grooming or did they learn it on the job?

dog boneHow long have they been grooming dogs?

dog boneWhat breeds do they feel comfortable with and which breeds are they best at grooming?

dog boneDo they have more than one style of grooming for different breeds?

Ribbon Questions to Ask the Staff:................ Ribbon

Blue ribbon kennel offers many different canned and dry dog and cat foods, pet grooming and boarding, pet day care and dog training at http://www.blueribbonboardingkennel.com/What hours does the groomer work?
How are dogs checked in and will they call you when it’s time to pick up your pet?
How far in advance do you need to make an appointment?
What is the fee for grooming and what does the fee include?
What type of shampoos and conditioners are used?
Is the ear hair plucked from breeds with hair in their ear canals?  



The client relationship we strive to develop at Blue Ribbon Kennel will be professional yet friendly.